About that.

Buried in the Myths of the God sent Evangelists, the Science-bound Atheists, the Buddhists, the Zen-thought Enthusiasts, even the Taoists:
A tonic to avoid death even when it’s happening;
A robotic way of grasping life, with the definition missin’;
The good acts that give slack;
the mirror-wiping, the Nature typing.
All the ways of escaping…
The cycle isn’t optional, It’s not harmful, falling is an effect of the causal.
Rising is missed when thoughts of Positive and Negative dismiss it.
Speak for yourself; Think for yourself; this is Your dreamland; do with it as you wish.
Illusion is Illusion; Theirs or Yours, Stop being Deluded.
Listen to that thing that doesn’t say a thing.

Be at odds with All the myths and the scams.
Find your Own choices, Become conscious of what Really exists.
Be One with Nature’s band, yes.
Meditation is achieved through the Sounds.
They’re bright Here on the ground.


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