Revolving the Lution

Improvisation, speak and I may slay the conversation.
Move and you’ll find me beyond reach holding my station. I’m livin’ by my own right, no need for vindication.
I gave up the fight, I’m free in the nations. No real Leader needs the lies, let go of your imagination.
It’s time to sever the ties catering to your emaciation.
Don’t ask why, just enjoy your emancipation. Join the time and find your realization.
Stand up and be a part of the revolution. Reject the convoluted, leave no space for mental pollution.

In a world where everybody needs somebody, I’m just here kickin’ bodies.
On the ground kneeling is their wished position; running away from feeling is their disposition;
Unable to function when no one’s there to listen.
They speak of God, but no God do they mention. It’s beyond their comprehension.
They just talk for the attention; still searching for something to induce them into existence.

Disturbing the mission; showing everyone everything that they’re missing.
Watching ’em spin around ’til they fall off; laughing at the attempts to repent from the repenting sins.
Clear out the decisions that dissipate the intentions of the inner vision.
Look again.
Recognize the idiocy within these follies walking around you with no conscious vision.
Don’t miss what the worlds revealing. Few can fathom what’s within, so many of your leaders are living in sin.
This world’s been spun off for a reason, it’s here to teach you a lesson:

Don’t fight the evil.

I cater to the hated, enjoying these attempts to jade me.
Welcoming these things creating me, catching them try and take me.
Caught up in nothing I’ve seen.
Worrying about nothing unseen.
I’m watching this world live without feeling; again I’ll say it, intelligence is missing.


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