Listening to the sounds around me, I feel the pulse of the earth.
The underlying movement that connects it all is hard for some to discern.
“See with the ears, hear with the eyes,” is a great quote that comes to mind.
Nonsense though it seems, this meditation simply puts one in a position to observe an oft-unknown world.
I hear cars in the distance; I see there are people busy as little worker bees.
Birds chirping in my vicinity; they’re more carefree than me.
The pitter-patter of rain drops give the organisms of earth the ability to grow for one more day.
As the dull murmur of neighboring voices reach my ears, I can tell we’re all on our way.
I see houses, and hear the laughter of families growing old, as well as the cries of long dislodged trees and their folk.
The animals have it, never do the squirrels hate the bird of prey, nor does the predator disrespect that which sustains.
Trees, everywhere still for centuries; yes, they know more than I.
People intrigue me, so much potential potentially wasted on the influential thought of another;
too few choose to think for themselves.
I hear it in their behavior, see it in their speech.
Looking to the sky, I hear the wisdom of the rain clouds,
“The sun still shines behind us, be patient while we pass.” A necessary part of the cycle; we all belong too.


2 thoughts on “Soundscaping

    • Thanks! This place is amazing indeed; learning to listen has been the greatest skill for me in this life. Then when I was told to listen with my eyes, and look with my ears, the whole world took on a new dimension, haha.

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